I believe routine is important for a child to feel secure in their environment. For those on a full day or after school we have many and varied activities. I have books, toys, equipment, resources, craft and theme-based activities to stimulate development in all age groups. Some parents like their school age children to complete homework, whilst also giving the children some time to just relax after a long day at school.

I will try to vary the activities so that the children will have the opportunity to explore many new and different things, whilst also giving them time to learn to play with others and by themselves. In addition, I will ask children to help setting and clearing the table at mealtimes and tidy up after activities. Hopefully this will teach them that to have fun you also have certain chores that need to be done.



Painting & Drawing


Reading Books

Music & Movement


Using the PC for games, learning or homework

Learning numbers, letters & colours

Playing board games

Dressing up

Paddle Pool in Summer (fully supervised!)

Slide and climbing frame

TV/Video watching (limited period only!)

And much more!