Why choose a childminder

  • Your child will be cared for by one childminder providing continuity of care. However I work closely with another childminder who is able to be back up childcare in case of emergency or when i may be ill, space permitting.
  • Childminders are able to be more flexible with hours, especially valuable when parents work part time or unuasual hours.
  • Brothers and sisters of all ages can be looked after together.
  • All registered childminders are inspected and DBS checked.
  • Childminders have the flexibility and ability to be spontanious with activities (eg to make the most of the weather) and also flexible around meal times and sleep times.
  • Children benefit from real life learning experiences such as cooking, shopping, gardening, outings to the local park and library, or simply curl up and take it easy if tired.
  • The Families, Children and Childcare study (FCCC) says that childminders are the next best thing to being at home with mother.